April 20, 2024
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By bbc

A business group said that about 100 Newry businesses were affected by the flooding. Some suffered “catastrophic damage”, according to this report.

Eamon Connelly of Newry Business Improvement District said that businesses had suffered significant losses.

Five of the largest Northern Ireland parties wrote to NI Sec. Chris Heaton Harris about flooding.

The government has requested money to fund an emergency aid scheme.

Hilary Benn, the shadow Northern Ireland secretary said earlier that flooding in Northern Ireland was a major crisis. The current support from government was inadequate.

The support shown to the people of England following Storm Babet was compared by him.

Flooding has affected a number of towns across counties Down, Armagh and Antrim.

Benn stated that people are having trouble and need assistance.

Connolly stated that businesses are facing high costs due to damaged stock, fixtures and fittings, and lost turnover.

His group is trying to help people with practical things like cleaning and recovering stocks that have not been destroyed.

He said: “There’s been an outpouring in civic support. We have received offers for everything from trading to storage space across Newry, and are working actively to relocate businesses.”

McCartan Bros Menswear’s Paul McCartan said that he received many temporary business offers in the city.

He added, “I would rather go into an outfitted unit for clothes retail than a blank one and spend money I do not have on it to equip it.”

It’s taking some time to resolve this issue. We are working with the legal team.

Karen Sherwin, a florist from Melbourne, has announced that her company is now online again for delivery and collection.

We’re trying to do what we can. “Fresh flowers are in the shop today after four days of cleaning.

Over the weekend, Portadown’s town hall opened a centre for flood advice.

Adrian McKernan, a repair shop owner just outside of the town told BBC News NI he woke up on Wednesday to discover that the council had left about a dozen sandbags at his gate.

When the River Bann broke its banks, the following evening, the mayor said he realized that these wouldn’t be much help in fighting the rising water and no more assistance from the city council would come.

He decided to take matters into his hands and hired a pump, bought large amounts of sand for filling hundreds of sandbags himself at an approximate cost of PS2,500.

Officials told him that he might not qualify for compensation because his house was not inundated.

If you don’t save your house, then you won’t get the money. He said that if you allow your house to flood, they will give you 1,000 PS.

Flood water of about 3ft (1m) caused damage to the home of Donatas’s parents on Park Road, Portadown.

The man said that they were not insured for floods and therefore eligible for a financial assistance of PS 1,000.

His parents are on holiday and he said they will be distraught when they come back.

The letter sent by the Sinn Fein deputy leader, Alliance Party leaders, Ulster Unionist Party and Social Democratic and Labour Party to Heaton Harris highlighted flooding damage.

They said that without immediate financial and business assistance, damage to businesses and losses could result in closures of companies and the loss of jobs.

As leaders of major political parties we urge you to request additional funds from Treasury for an emergency aid scheme that will assist local households and businesses and protect jobs and facilities in the community.

Speaking earlier to BBC Radio Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster program, Mr Benn stated that a number schemes had been announced for the victims of Storm Babet.

He said that the only thing in Northern Ireland at this moment was the emergency relief scheme, which had been activated.

This means that homeowners can receive PS1,000, but businesses cannot. That is simply not enough.

M. Benn, in a letter to Mr. Heaton-Harris on Saturday, asked what help the government can provide for businesses and households in Northern Ireland.

Heaton-Harris stated in a Monday statement that his department is “prepared to provide support and assistance wherever possible”.

He said: “We are working closely with Northern Ireland Civil Service in order to obtain the most accurate information about the extent of the flooding and explore the options available to help businesses that have been affected by it. We’re also keeping up with the NI Parties on this issue.”

The leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, whose party withdrew in protest over post-Brexit trade rules stated that he is aware of the damage and harm caused by flooding. He also said party representatives “engage with local councils and businesses”.

As a result, flooding has caused a disruption in bus service around several Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council schools.

Among the schools that have been affected by this travel disruption is St Louis Grammar School Kilkeel. St Mark’s High School Warrenpoint. Kilbroney Integrated School. Shimna Integrated College. St Colman’s College Newry. Sacred Heart Grammar School Newry.

Education Authority has informed that certain services between and to these schools won’t be available from the 6th to the 10th of November.

The EA stated in a press release: “We acknowledge the impact on children, youth and their families and we will continue working at speed to ensure that all routes are returned to normal schedules, as quickly as possible.”

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